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Morlite has provided lighting to the corrections industry for more than 60 years. Safe, dependable, secure Morlite luminaires can be found in detention centers, jails, and psychiatric hospitals all over the country. These can be found in the Institutional/ Behavioral section of the Products page.

Security The Institutional/Behavioral section is separated by the level of abuse the fixtures are able to withstand. Super Maximum for units that must stand up to the highest level of abuse and handling and Maximum for units that can handle heavy abuse and do not allow spaces where drugs, weapons or other contraband can be hidden. Medium security luminaires are built to endure frequent, persistant abuse while Minimum security units withstand rugged handling and infrequent abuse, or what is referred to as vandal resistant fixtures.

New Products In the last 12 months, Morlite has introduced several new products able to fill the requirements of several applications including Transit, Food Processing and Cleanroom. Some of these include the ArMorlite AR6 and AR3, the VMR2, the MIN-ILS utilizing an induction lamp, and the MED-LPSS low profile, slope sided ceiling mounted luminaire. For the quickest way to dowload cut sheets, click on the downloads tab to find a list of all the available specification sheets.

We believe that security luminaires are very important for the public areas. We also know that fact that nowadays the municipalities have less and less funds for these purposes. A search of reliable traditional lender like i.e. EasyLoansUSA can be a good solution. The public security is above it all!

For more information on these or any Morlite Lighting products, click on the contacts page for contact information.

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